Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Wow.. In Need of an Update Much?

I've really let this blog go, haven't I? Just to let you all know: I'm in school now for Massage Therapy, going through a divorce (unconventionally, it seems) and.... oh that's enough, isn't it? lol I haven't done ANYTHING on my music front for months, but will get back to that once I start making some cash of my own that isn't being controlled by someone else (long stupid story) So, ONE of these days you may actually hear something from me on that front.

I do still have my shiny new electric guitar (that seriously needs more attention) but there isn't much time for practice when I'm studying SO much for so many quizzes and learning loads of new stuff every day. (which I really enjoy because school is FUN) SO... in a nut shell. Everything is changing all over the place, it's ALL for the good, for the best, for the betterment of my life and that's nice for a change. (change change everywhere a change)

As for the photography thing... Well, my camera has VANISHED, so one of these days when I have a paycheck again, I'll be buying a NICE camera that I like and then eventually a MAC - YAAY for future Mac acquisitions! =) Until then, my photography has suffered for lack of a semi decent camera. The one we have here is MOST frustrating. Maybe I'll use some of that film in my refrigerator and bust out the old 35mm. YEAH

Of course I'd love to be able to do all this stuff at once. Music, Massage, Photography, Pod Cast, Parenting and the lot. It doesn't seem so realistic at the moment, but maybe one day? We'll see. Until then, if you need more frequent updates, you can just click my huge painting profile pic there and it should take you to my other blog. OR I'll see you in Ravelry!

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