Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Return Of Dave!

For all one or two of you whoever check this former blog/podcast, I have exciting news! Dave is planning to return to the podcast world. His new podcast is going to be called FirstLife.

I'm so totally excited and happy for him and all his fans from PodCasts Past =) Not sure how quickly he'll be posting anything, but I'm sure a little support from all of us will go a long way.

To find out the details and pitch in some encouraging words.... CLICK HERE!


Monday, June 22, 2009

A Good Cause

It's a rarity that I post on this blog these days, but I wanted to get this message to as many readers as possible.

Some of you may be familiar with Claudia's Blog but just in case a few extra people wander over there b/c of this post... I figured I'd mention her and her MS Ride Fundraiser. She's only got a few days left before she rides and she's only got 38% of her goal and it would be so awesome if she could retain her #1 status of last year.

You see last year, knitters (and regular people) all over donated to her ride to the extent that she had the highest total of anyone there. That's cool

Of course there are also tons and tons of awesome prizes. All a person has to do to get put into the drawing is donate $10. There are so many prizes that the odds of winning one is very high, and it's super nice (mostly knitterly) stuff. But doesn't everyone know at least one person they like that knits? Well, hopefully if you are reading this blog, that's at least a little true. ;0)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Wow.. In Need of an Update Much?

I've really let this blog go, haven't I? Just to let you all know: I'm in school now for Massage Therapy, going through a divorce (unconventionally, it seems) and.... oh that's enough, isn't it? lol I haven't done ANYTHING on my music front for months, but will get back to that once I start making some cash of my own that isn't being controlled by someone else (long stupid story) So, ONE of these days you may actually hear something from me on that front.

I do still have my shiny new electric guitar (that seriously needs more attention) but there isn't much time for practice when I'm studying SO much for so many quizzes and learning loads of new stuff every day. (which I really enjoy because school is FUN) SO... in a nut shell. Everything is changing all over the place, it's ALL for the good, for the best, for the betterment of my life and that's nice for a change. (change change everywhere a change)

As for the photography thing... Well, my camera has VANISHED, so one of these days when I have a paycheck again, I'll be buying a NICE camera that I like and then eventually a MAC - YAAY for future Mac acquisitions! =) Until then, my photography has suffered for lack of a semi decent camera. The one we have here is MOST frustrating. Maybe I'll use some of that film in my refrigerator and bust out the old 35mm. YEAH

Of course I'd love to be able to do all this stuff at once. Music, Massage, Photography, Pod Cast, Parenting and the lot. It doesn't seem so realistic at the moment, but maybe one day? We'll see. Until then, if you need more frequent updates, you can just click my huge painting profile pic there and it should take you to my other blog. OR I'll see you in Ravelry!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

S. M. J.


pleeeeeeze =)

Ok, geek moment but here is a petition to save one of the shows I really liked this year. Not only was it canceled but they totally left everything hanging. SO frustrating.

....so if you happen to be a fan (or just want to do me a tiny little very easy favor) go sign the petition and hope for the best.

While you're clicking stuff - come see me at the blog with more pictures =)*)

and look for the tribute to Dave by Zeeche coming to a podcast near you!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

How Cute?

Check out this little guy, SO cute.

I never did really get my photography biz off the ground. I still could, I suppose, but I sorta lost my momentum. Don't ya just HATE when that happens? Plus, much of what I was wanting to do, had to be done in the evening hours, and that didn't work out so good since I was really needing to sleep MORE, not less. It's a long story.

Everything is going decently well. I thought I was going to do the podcast again at sometime, but I don't think it's going to happen.

Since the photo thing never materialized (yet) I also didn't get to do the recordings I wanted to do. I know, BUMMER, but that's reality for ya.

Anyway, just wanted to give an update for those few that wander in over here now and then, and I really wanted to post the link to that sheepy sweetness up there =)

I'm still blogging over at Clandestine and Candour, so if you want to see what's going on now and then, head on over, I'll be making lemonade =) or coffee, or whatever your poison is in cyber space.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Hey Peeps - Here's an Update =)

So everyone sing along to this.

I'm getting CLOsah to my goooooaaaaalllllsss!

don't know that song? yeah, me neither.

I really should have mentioned to those who don't already know, I have a new blog. It's not exclusively knitting, like the podcast. I don't even know how many people still look at THIS blog, since feedback is somewhat scarce. That's not a complaint, it just makes it harder to figure out if I should keep coming back here and writing things! lol

So for those of you who want to keep closer tabs on me, here's the blog where you can find me:

Clandestine & Candour

It's going to be about knitting still, but it's also going to be about music, art, photography - basically whatever I'm doing at the moment, that's what it'll be about. I still have the other blog, too, whats left of it and as I put it back together there will be more things to see there. But mainly, I'm moving forward.

The photography thing that I mentioned in my last post is starting to get exciting. I have hundreds of ideas as to the directions I can take it, and I can hardly wait to tell all of you about it. Maybe I'll be able to get something recorded soon (maybe) and post it on the podcast. It will be easier to talk about it than write and write, right? or type and type - whatever

The singing thing is coming along, too. Cutting a demo is a bit pricey, so if these other ventures come together and add up to a few dollars - THEN I'll do the demo. I want all my little dreams to pay for each other, and if I play my cards right, it could really work. Until the demo comes together though, I'm going to be practicing, getting my songs down, so I can do them with my buds that have a little band. OH, get this!

I'm actually starting out singing Country! lol It's poetic justice - hahahaha Closet headbanger goes country. Well, maybe I should do that Alan Jackson song, "Gone Country" or whatever the title is - sad - I don't even know that. There are lots of things I don't know - clearly - but I'm learning more every day.

You'll all be glad to know I haven't gone totally off my singing genre though, because one of the first songs I'll be working up is "Fever" - cool, eh? Who'd a thunk it, right? One irritating case of the flu and now I'm singing in a cocktail lounge in a slinky dress - (YEAH RIGHT - THAT'LL be the day - wha hahahahahahaha) I DO have a slinky dress or two...... but that's another story =)*)

Once I get my portfolio together, I'll share a couple of pix over here - so you know I'm still me. Actually I can share one now, ok? I was trying to get my portfolio together, and all my models got sick or busy, so I was forced to use..... ME! ARG! I have a hard time taking my own photo - especially when you have to set up the shot, sprint to the spot and watch the little red light, and somehow get comfortable and look relaxed in 30 seconds - NOT easy, my friends! I work better with people I can make laugh - I do tell myself some good jokes, but 30 seconds isn't long enough! Here's the one I like best, out of the 20 - 30 that I took, out of the 5 or 6 that didn't get deleted.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Now we have THAT taken care of...

AH.... emotional issues galore - my goodness! I think when a person is spinning wildly out of their own mind, they shouldn't be thinking so much, right? Also, making big decisions that seem sane at the time, still not a great idea.

1st of all, I'm MOSTLY OK now.

2nd, I am quitting the podcast, as such.

3rd, I am also sorta keeping the podcast partly to keep those of you who never check this blog informed on the big stuff. What does that mean? Well, it means that I will keep blogging about my knitting and now and then occasionaly I'll talk about knitting into a microphone, too. But mostly I will be using my podcast for updates on the thing I am shooting for now.

4th, what am I shooting for now? Well, it may be a pie in the sky idea and it may not, but I am going to start concentrating more on my priorities - Family and Faith. At the same time, I need my life back and a couple of my dreams. I need to flex my art muscles and see what I can do. Be it singing, photography, painting or knitting.

So there you have part of the story. I haven't got the whole thing planned out the way I normally would, but that's a good thing. I need to be more of a go with the flow some and paddle like heck when I'm headed in the wrong direction - more balance, I guess.

  • I am going to try and make sort of a demo type album. Partly because I know some of you have asked me to sing more, so it's for you. It's also for me to see what I can do. It's also a demo to show others what I can do to see if I can get a couple of gigs. Fortunately I have connections in this area who are happy to help me with that by getting me practiced singing with a live band. I've done it a couple of times before, but I was MUCH less confidant then. Thanks to all of YOU, I have more of that than I have had for a long time.

  • I may also have some interesting photography opportunities, but we'll have to wait and see about that. I have a lot of work to do in preparation for that and I can't wait to get started.

These two things are sort of tied up with each other, but I'll explain that later. So depending on what's going on...... I'll be chatting up the microphone sooner or later. I'm not the official babysitter anymore, so that won't be preventing any of this stuff any longer. (sometimes it feels good to quit a job, even if you love it on some level)

So stay tuned, this podcast will never be quite the same, and that's ok, because .......

It's my Podcast and I'll change if I want to...
Change if I want to...
Change if I want to...

You would change too blah blah blah blah blah BBLLLLLLAAAAAAHHHHHH =)*)

Friday, January 19, 2007

I'm Sorry

Hey everyone. I know I disappeared all sudden like, but since I've had some space to think, I realize that I haven't been thinking right. I don't enjoy that. You know that realizing I'm so WRONG about close to half of what I thought? Well, I know what I know now, at least (I think) and I am quitting the podcast. All 2oo or so of you will be fine =0) I just need time to breath these days. Please forgive me for vanishing this way. If you want to find me bad enough, you know where I am, right? See y'all when I see y'all!

ps - for all the people I've hurt along the way, I promise it was mostly accidental. I am mean sometimes, and it's wrong. Please forgive me for that. okay? I really do love all of you.

love April