Friday, January 19, 2007

I'm Sorry

Hey everyone. I know I disappeared all sudden like, but since I've had some space to think, I realize that I haven't been thinking right. I don't enjoy that. You know that realizing I'm so WRONG about close to half of what I thought? Well, I know what I know now, at least (I think) and I am quitting the podcast. All 2oo or so of you will be fine =0) I just need time to breath these days. Please forgive me for vanishing this way. If you want to find me bad enough, you know where I am, right? See y'all when I see y'all!

ps - for all the people I've hurt along the way, I promise it was mostly accidental. I am mean sometimes, and it's wrong. Please forgive me for that. okay? I really do love all of you.

love April


Abigail said...

Sorry to see you go, April. Hang in there. :)

AmyP said...

Aww, sweetheart. {{{April}}}

Mica said...

I love you April, im glad you are in a happy place, are you quitting the blog?

Anonymous said...

You will be missed. But your happiness and well being must take priority.

Take care!