Monday, February 19, 2007

Hey Peeps - Here's an Update =)

So everyone sing along to this.

I'm getting CLOsah to my goooooaaaaalllllsss!

don't know that song? yeah, me neither.

I really should have mentioned to those who don't already know, I have a new blog. It's not exclusively knitting, like the podcast. I don't even know how many people still look at THIS blog, since feedback is somewhat scarce. That's not a complaint, it just makes it harder to figure out if I should keep coming back here and writing things! lol

So for those of you who want to keep closer tabs on me, here's the blog where you can find me:

Clandestine & Candour

It's going to be about knitting still, but it's also going to be about music, art, photography - basically whatever I'm doing at the moment, that's what it'll be about. I still have the other blog, too, whats left of it and as I put it back together there will be more things to see there. But mainly, I'm moving forward.

The photography thing that I mentioned in my last post is starting to get exciting. I have hundreds of ideas as to the directions I can take it, and I can hardly wait to tell all of you about it. Maybe I'll be able to get something recorded soon (maybe) and post it on the podcast. It will be easier to talk about it than write and write, right? or type and type - whatever

The singing thing is coming along, too. Cutting a demo is a bit pricey, so if these other ventures come together and add up to a few dollars - THEN I'll do the demo. I want all my little dreams to pay for each other, and if I play my cards right, it could really work. Until the demo comes together though, I'm going to be practicing, getting my songs down, so I can do them with my buds that have a little band. OH, get this!

I'm actually starting out singing Country! lol It's poetic justice - hahahaha Closet headbanger goes country. Well, maybe I should do that Alan Jackson song, "Gone Country" or whatever the title is - sad - I don't even know that. There are lots of things I don't know - clearly - but I'm learning more every day.

You'll all be glad to know I haven't gone totally off my singing genre though, because one of the first songs I'll be working up is "Fever" - cool, eh? Who'd a thunk it, right? One irritating case of the flu and now I'm singing in a cocktail lounge in a slinky dress - (YEAH RIGHT - THAT'LL be the day - wha hahahahahahaha) I DO have a slinky dress or two...... but that's another story =)*)

Once I get my portfolio together, I'll share a couple of pix over here - so you know I'm still me. Actually I can share one now, ok? I was trying to get my portfolio together, and all my models got sick or busy, so I was forced to use..... ME! ARG! I have a hard time taking my own photo - especially when you have to set up the shot, sprint to the spot and watch the little red light, and somehow get comfortable and look relaxed in 30 seconds - NOT easy, my friends! I work better with people I can make laugh - I do tell myself some good jokes, but 30 seconds isn't long enough! Here's the one I like best, out of the 20 - 30 that I took, out of the 5 or 6 that didn't get deleted.


AmyP said...

I'm glad you're getting things back together - and I'm still here!

Mrs MJW said...

Really cute self-portrait.

Isabelle aka Tricotine said...

I love that photo of you! :-)

I have tried to teach myself to play guitar also but it is much more complicated than knitting... All those strings! LOL

sprite said...

I came to find out if it was just that iTunes wasn't pulling your feed in anymore. How disappointing to hear you're giving up the show. I was a lurker, but one who really enjoyed it.

Regardless, if this is the right decision for you, then I'm glad you're doing it. Best wishes as you move forward with all the exciting things coming up in your life!

JustApril said...

Thanks, Sprite. I'm disappointed too, if I could keep it up like before, I would. I won't be leaving y'all high and dry, though. If my stupid PC will ever act half right, I should be doing podcast announcements and sampler type shows here and there.

Knitcrazy said...

Hi April.. I was looking for you to show you the little wrap sweater that I made with the beautiful yarn that you sent me...
Its in My blog, just scrolldown a little and I just put your blog addy where your name is mentioned :)
Now tell me the addy for this New Blog you are making so I can keep up with all your singing and srtsy stuff!!! :)

XX Penny

kazicreations said...

hi April! this is Kazi from

thanks for yr comment! hope you like my writings as well! your blog is equally far as guitars, mouthorgans and music are concerned, i am an addict.

you can write to me at: or

thanks again!

哇係Vega said...

Hi there, Thanks for leaving comment, and I wrote back to you in my blog. Welcome anytime!! ^^

Luiz Carlos Rufo said...

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